Learning happens when
students can make mistakes...

and why not re-use and erase paper to reduce waste!

It's a Sale! Get a quote for an educational discount:

Below is a list of wholesale pricing information for products used in the educational space. Most educational institutions require a formal quote before issuing a PO number for an order, so this form simplifies this process by issuing a quote request automatically to our system. An email will then be forwarded to you as soon as the quote is approved, with the option to pay by credit card, or to email us back a PO number.

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If you are an educator outside of Canada, visit our US & International quotes page here.

New app! Wipebook Scan

For educators looking to save solutions to problems written on one of our Wipebook Flipcharts for future discussion or assesment, then consider downloading the new wipebook scan app for FREE. The Wipebook scan app allows you to quickly scan your writing and sync it directly to your favorite cloud storage service (i.e google drive, onedrive, dropbox, etc).

Download via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


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