Sunday Night Funzies

Hey Folks!

Sunday night here, I'm working on some more Wipebook fun stuff.Currently putting on all the UPC labels for our first retail gig tomorrow ! HEC COOP! woohoo!



Man it's been a wild ride. The guys and I feel like we've all aged about 4 years in the past 45 days. Haven't slept much, been travelling a lot for team meetings, manufacturer shenanigans, media interviews, legal jibber jabber with advisors, and the list goes on... but you know what? THIS IS FREAKING AWESOME.

I'm so pumped at the possibilities ahead of us. We have soooo much in store for the next few months, you all have no idea :)

New products, new company updates, and a whole lot of fun stuff for those who have supported us along the ride.     

( Yes, I'm talking about you Kickstarter Backers, you guys are the bomb, and we've been working night and day to step this thing into high gear)

On a side note, we finally got our Wipebook Swag:

Funny story, so I've been trying to get these ( VERY SIMPLE) T-Shirts done for about 6 months now. The boys were teasing me about it...wondering if I was getting them sewn up with rare Turkish weaves of string that only come up once during rain season....

So the thing is, I had this one T-Shirt guy who at first was legit...but he never called me back, or would just flat out not care. A mere 6 months later, I finally switched people and got them done in like 2 hours. ( The inprint shop in St-Henry, they're cool)

I guess I was trying to give the guy a chance, but at some point, as Don Cherry says: " when ya gotta go, you gotta go".

So with that being said, I've still got some labels to stick on some Wipebook Originals.

I'll try to post up my thoughts about this adventure as much as I can to keep everyone in the loop. ( I promise I'll try not to ramble)

Cheers everyone, and thanks again for all the support. :)