Learning happens when
students can make mistakes...

and why not re-use and erase paper to reduce waste!


Special discounts for Educators

We have special discounts for educators and educational institutions. To request special pricing, please submit your email below, and we will make sure to touch base with you shortly.

Focus Longer with Erasable Surfaces

Non-permanent surfaces have shown to increase creativity because they allow for freedom, flexibility and the modification of ideas which isn't possible on permanent surfaces. This is especially important because it not only relieves stress, but creates an amazingly engaging writing medium. Whether you are doing homework with your kids, or trying to learn something new, a wipebook will also allow you to make mistakes which is critical in education.

Studies have shown that non-permanent surfaces enhances the engament of groups working out problems in science and in math. Who knew such a simple idea could speed up the pace of innovation!


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