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Wipebook Flipchart
Wipebook Flipchart
Wipebook Flipchart
Wipebook Flipchart
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Wipebook Flipchart

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Create dynamic and reusable anchor charts, brainstorm ideas in the boardroom, and share ideas with the class using our dry-erase chart paper. Wipebook flipcharts have 20X the surface area of a similar-sized whiteboard. Even better, these surfaces detach, allowing you to create flexible workspaces anywhere.

You’ll also become more environmentally friendly by reducing your dependency on one-use chart paper because wipebook products can be erased and reused again and again.

  • 20 surfaces: 10 graph + 10 blank (10 sheets)
  • 24"x 36" or 12" x 18" (mini only)
  • Synthetic (heavy duty) or Paper (Original) options available
  • Save your work: Compatible with FREE Wipebook Scan App

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The Original

Our most economical paper based dry-erase flipchart sheets. Includes 10 detachable, 24" x 36" sheets with both graph & blank sides. Perfect for setting up static dry erase stations around a room.

The Heavy-Duty

Our most durable dry-erase flipchart sheets with "tear-proof" synthetic paper. Includes 10 detachable, 24" x 36" sheets with both graph and blank sides. Perfect for re-using and moving sheets around.

The Mini Heavy-Duty

Our most cost-effective dry-erase flipchart sheets with "tear-proof" synthetic paper. Includes 10 detachable, 12" x 18" sheets with both graph and blank sides. Perfect for setting up large table top dry-erase surfaces.

Save your work before you wipe!

Never lose another great whiteboard moment again. The Wipebook Flipchart was designed for groups & teams who need to continuously save their ideas for future collaboration. Simply scan your work when you’re done and you’re ready to erase and use your flipchart again. The Wipebook Scan App saves your work and uploads it to your favorite cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Best of all, the app is FREE!

What is a Wipebook Flipchart and how does it work?

Wipebook Flipcharts erase just like your standard whiteboards but have multiple sheets that are light-weight and durable, and when you’re done, you can put all of the sheets back together for easy storage and transportation. Since our flipcharts are light and flexible, you can roll them up and bring them with you whenever needed. Essential for anyone who needs large impromptu whiteboard surfaces. The perfect companion for training sessions, workshops, and classrooms.


Work things out like you would on a whiteboard. Anywhere.


Never lose your work by scanning it to your favorite cloud service with the new Wipebook Scan App.


Wipe things away knowing that your work is stored in a safe place.


A fresh new canvas to work on every time. Re-use it over and over again.

The tool for groups who need to problem solve..

Want to learn more about the Wipebook Flipchart? Then check out this hands on video.

Customer Reviews

Based on 456 reviews
Brittany Templeton
Vertical Learning on the GO!

I love how you can use Wipebook Flipchart wherever you are to give students' access to vertical learning. I love this product!

Thank you for your fantastic five-star review! We're thrilled that our Wipebook Flipchart exceeded your expectations. We appreciate your trust and look forward to being of service to you in the future.

Wendy Adamczyk
Wonderful engagement tool!

Having access to these wipebooks around my room has absolutely increased engagement and teamwork in my classroom. I had one student tell me that he was having so much more fun solving math problems on the whiteboard than writing in his notebook. Lots of rich conversation happening now as students problem solve together. Having the ability to see the work of other students and their varied approaches to the same or similar problems has enhanced the learning of so many students.

Thank you for the glowing five-star review! We're delighted that you were satisfied with our Wipebook Flipcharts. Your kind words motivate us to continue delivering top-notch quality. We appreciate your support.

Benjamin Glover
Increased Collaboration

We use the Wipebooks with our teachers as part of implementing the Building Thinking Classrooms framework and it has done wonders for our classroom culture and student engagement.

Thank you for the awesome five-star review! Your feedback motivates us to strive for excellence. Thank you for your support and can't wait to serve you again.

Fadra Rogers

Great Support for Engagement

Jacy Chastain

I love the concept of the reusable dry erase charts, but they aren’t durable enough for repeated classroom use like I was hoping. They tear easily which is disappointing since I, a teacher, spent my own money on them hoping to boost classroom engagement.

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize for the issue with the product. We recommend applying masking tape on the corners for added durability. Additionally, we suggest trying our Heavy-duty variant, which features a tear-proof film for enhanced longevity. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out. We appreciate your support.