Wipebook: The Reusable Whiteboard Notebook


Our Philosophy:  We want to provide you with a medium that allows you to generate the best possible ideas. Writing on the Wipebook is amazingly smooth and is perfect for temporary scribbles and notes.

We evaluate the raw materials used in our products and we believe in using business models to inspire solutions that are environmentally friendly, sustainable, cool, and fun.  Wipebook's notebooks are an example of this approach to development.

Our team is made up of 3 graduate students from the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada. Throughout our studies we've been searching for the ideal solution to brainstorm ideas and enhance the notes that we take in class.  Whiteboards were one solution because we could swiftly scribble colourful diagrams to visually solve problems; but they aren't exactly portable. Thus, we designed the Wipebookthe whiteboard-notebook for life!