Partner Programs

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Free Wipebooks for partner educators!

Teacher Partners

Coaches! Would you like to get some free Wipebook gear in your classroom? Then sign up to become a teacher partner. All you need to do is organize regular PD sessions or demos that showcases our Wipebooks to other educators, then share the experience by posting some pictures of the events on twitter by tagging us @wipebook. That's it!

Want more gear? Additionally, we love it when teachers post and share their experiences using our products on our Twitter page, and we'll frequently reach out to those teachers so they can share their experiences in more detail through a blog or podcast. If you've already posted on Twitter and are interested in collaborating for a blog or podcast, then let us know and we'll send you MORE gear in return for helping us out!


Partnerships with Professionals!

Professional Partners

Content creators and other professionals can take advantage of our affiliate program. Affiliates have access to marketing assets to help them create online content and a referral link. This way, whenever talking about the Wipebook products you love, you have a chance to earn some money back! We offer 15% commission on all purchases made through your referral link.

Those working in the corporate world or tech-industry can also receive free products to try in exchange for writing about their experience using their Wipebook on our blog.

We love supporting Teacher PD

Coach & Consultant Partners

If you run regular professional development workshops for teachers, or if you organize events yourself around math, then we want to connect with you. We'd love to learn more about your sessions and understand how Wipebook can be a part of it. And if your workshops and/or program are a good fit, then we'd love to sponsor your upcoming PD events and support your efforts. Programs such as 360 Math, Math Moments, and Thinking Classroom are nice examples of partnership programs that work really well with Wipebook products.


Co-Promote your Products with us!

Sponsor Conferences

We can’t always make it to conferences ourselves, but would love to piggyback on groups who are already there! Organizations attending conferences and trade shows that showcase math programs for educators can take advantage of working with us by providing booth visitors samplers of our Wipebook Flipchart sheets. These are always popular and a sure-fire way to get people interested in your booth!

Co-branding Partners

We are also open to discussing co-branding opportunities on the giveaway sheets - after all, our products are reusable paper and can include all kinds of information around your offering. Feel free to reach out to us if interested.