Wipebook-Edu Program

Raise money for your classroom with the Wipebook-Edu program!

The Wipebook-Edu program helps schools and teachers raise funds for classroom activities. Think of the Wipebook-Edu program as your typical school chocolate bar sales campaign, but instead of selling diabetes and cavities, you're helping your community stay green while promoting an innovative and reusable learning tool!

WipebookEdu Program


How it works?

Wipebook will create a special website for each classroom participating in the program where parents, friends, family and your entire community can purchase a special Wipebook bundle. This will allow your classroom to see the progress of your campaign and easily share the page.

When someone buys a bundle, 50% of the profits generated by the campaign will go to back directly to the classroom to support local school activities. Once the campaign is complete, Wipebook will ship all the orders directly to the classrooms for delivery.


How to sign up?

The Wipebook-Edu Program will begin in September 2016, but we are currently signing up teachers so we can coordinate logistics of the program ahead of time. To sign up, simply complete the quick form below:


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For more information contact Frank Bouchard by email at frank.bouchard@wipebook.com.



...and one last thing!

There are only a few days left to support our newest product called the WipeChart!