Wipebook Workbooks
Wipebook Workbooks
Wipebook Workbooks
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Wipebook Workbooks

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Every desk needs its own whiteboard to work things out. With our 25 packs of wipebook workbooks, you can finally provide everyone their own erasable whiteboard to visualize and solve complex problems. With graph, ruled, & blank pages, the all new wipebook workbook allows you to sketch, write or draw out any type of solution in one place.

The foldable format provides users 4X the surface area of a conventional 8.5 X 11 whiteboard, and allows you to bring the wipebook workbook anywhere; store it in a regular binder and re-use it over and over.

  • 25 workbooks per pack
  • Worksbooks include 4 pages: 1 ruled + 1 graph + 2 blank
  • 8.5" X 11";
  • Save your work: Compatible with FREE Wipebook Scan App

Save your work before you wipe!

Never lose another great whiteboard moment again. The Wipebook workbook was designed for groups & teams who need to continuously save their ideas for future collaboration. Simply scan your work when you’re done and you’re ready to erase and use your wipebook again. The Wipebook Scan App saves your work and uploads it to your favorite cloud services like Google Drive, Evernote, Dropbox, and OneDrive. Best of all, the app is FREE!

What is a Wipebook Workbook and how does it work?

Wipebook Workbooks erase just like your standard whiteboards but have multiple pages that are light-weight and durable. When you’re done writing and sketching, you can scan your work, wipe it clean, and fold it back for easy storage. Since our workbooks are light and flexible, you can fold them up or even hole punch them to store them in conventional binders. Essential for anyone who needs large impromptu whiteboard surfaces.


Work things out like you would on a whiteboard. Anywhere.


Never lose your work by scanning it to your favorite cloud service with the new Wipebook Scan App.


Wipe things away knowing that your work is stored in a safe place.


A fresh new canvas to work on every time. Re-use it over and over again.

A whiteboard for every desk

Want to see the Wipebook Workbooks in action? Then check out this hands on video.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Manpreet Kaur
A whiteboard for every desk...amazing tool for math classroom

Using wipebook workbooks in my math classroom has proved to be an amazing tool for engaging students, motivating them to take risks, explore new strategies, make mistakes, and identify their mistakes, then fix them..as they know they can easily erase them and redo. In order to assess students' comprehension at the end of each lesson, I pose a simple question and have them write their answers on wipebook workbooks and then hang them in the air... thereby determining the comprehension level of each student.No more paper wastage in classrooms!!

Great for seated work

The Wipebook Workbook has a great amount of space for the students to work out problems, especially when it is open. I was really hoping I could use these more when they are moving about but they aren't sturdy enough to be used without a desk or clipboard, etc. under them. All in all, the kids love using, especially having the option of using grid line!

Durable and great for math

Having the option of a blank page, a grid page and a lined page make these perfect for math class. We can use our WipeBoards to graph, create bar models, find volume and area models...they make it much easier for students to create accurate models when needs- great for fractions! The set I am currently using are two years old- they are starting to show their wear and will not come 100% clean, three have torn down the crease, but are still usable. We are going to limp them through this year. Only idea or suggestion would be to offer them in a slightly larger size, maybe 11X14. They could still be stored in my students math folders and yet a little larger to work more problems at once before they erase. Will absolutely be getting another set for next year!

Ruled and Graph Workbook

I agree with Rodney and Bonnie Guess; the concept of these is amazing but you have to really really really look in order to see the lines.

Thanks for the feedback. We WILL be making the lines darker on future runs. Thanks again for the support.